The HB Dideleng Youth Cup organizing committee 2019

Lynn Spielmann
Max Romersa
Laurent Ariete
Remy Debra
Ben Zeimetz
Christophe Olivier
Alexis Cardoso
Pit Kayser

Dan Ley
Roberto Santoprete
Metti Nappi
Nico Meyer
René Conté
Luc Hensen
Erni Ferrari
Marc Schuster

Our team works hard in order to organize this tournament, which is entirely free of charge for the participating teams (no registration fees, free meals, free accomodation).
In order to keep it that way, we rely on sponsoring and donations.
You can help us too!

Bank Accounts:

(BCEELULL) IBAN LU62 0019 7000 0100 8000
(BILLLULL) IBAN LU36 0027 1173 0790 0000